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Want to see what’s happening in Northwood Hills? The Northwood Hills Breeze gets published and mailed to residents about four times per year with tons of useful information including details about new regulations or initiatives from the city, helpful tips related to the particular season we’re in, a community calendar, a real estate report, contact information for Board members, a bulk trash collection schedule, and much more! Local businesses advertise in it as well, which helps to underwrite the cost of the publication and showcases service providers who cater to Northwood Hills. Read our most recent newsletter. To find out about some of our recent projects, check out our blog posts below. To learn more about the benefits of membership, visit the Benefits page.

Interested in joining? Join now at a pro-rated amount and enjoy benefits through the rest of 2019. Please pay online or mail your check for $200 to NHHA, PO Box 800874, Dallas, TX 75380. Thanks for your support!


Congratulate Your Graduate

Members – Do you have a high school or college grad this year? Let us know! NHHA has a tradition of publishing congrats to Members’ graduates in our Northwood Hills Breeze newsletter. If you want to share your pride, email membership and provide:  1) your name/family name, 2) your graduate’s name, 3) school they are graduating from, and 4) any honors or special recognitions
For high school graduates – include the college they will be attending and/or internship plans.  For college graduates – include post-grad education and/or job plans.
And finally, if you have a few words of congratulations or encouragement for your grad, we’ll include it, subject to space considerations.
(Grandparents — we know how you love to brag, so this is not just for parents!  Send us info on your “grand-grads.”)
Here’s an example, for reference: 
“Mike and Candace Bergheim proudly announce the graduation of their son Cameron from UTD with a Masters of Accounting degree. He will begin his accounting career in October with Deloitte. Way to go, Cameron!”
Deadline for submissions:  Wednesday, May 22nd, 5 P.M.
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April Alley Clean-Up

The first weekend of April was our Annual Alley Clean-Up. Since Bulk Trash pickup for Northwood Hills began the second week of April, this was the perfect opportunity to tend to your alley and dispose of any brush or debris you cleared out. Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining the area from their back property line to the center of the alley. That includes trimming bushes so they don’t scrape cars or obstruct the alley. Trees that overhang the alley are required to be trimmed up 15 feet to allow clearance for garbage collection trucks. If trucks have to maneuver to avoid your branches, chances are they will cause damage to your alley in the process! If you missed the alley clean-up, try to get to it in May. You’ll see the bulk trash signs throughout the neighborhood when it’s safe to begin work!

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2019 Annual Meeting Recap

The Northwood Hills Homeowners Association Annual Meeting took place on Tuesday, February 12th at Fretz Park Recreation Center (the building next door to Fretz Library). Residents mingled, enjoyed some light refreshments, and then heard updates on city happenings from Council Member Kleinman’s office. After that, NHHA Board Members provided details on the Association’s activities including Security, Beautification, Membership, and Special Projects. A new At-Large Director, Kristen Holden, was elected to the Board. The 2018 NHHA Financials and proposed 2019 Budget were shared and approved. Questions and comments were welcomed at the conclusion of the business meeting. For a recap of what was shared, the 2019 Report to the Membership should provide an accurate picture of what was accomplished last year and what we hope to achieve this year. 

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