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Want to see what’s happening in Northwood Hills? The Northwood Hills Breeze gets published and mailed to residents about four times per year with tons of useful information including details about new regulations or initiatives from the city, helpful tips related to the particular season we’re in, a community calendar, a real estate report, contact information for Board members, a bulk trash collection schedule, and much more! Local businesses advertise in it as well, which helps to underwrite the cost of the publication and showcases service providers who cater to Northwood Hills. Read our most recent newsletter. To find out about some of our recent projects, check out our blog posts below. To learn more about the benefits of membership, visit the Benefits page.

Interested? Join now to start enjoying benefits immediately and through the rest of 2021. Dues are $300 for the calendar year, but are pro-rated to $75 for new members who join now. Please pay online or mail your check to NHHA, PO Box 800874, Dallas, TX 75380. Thanks for your support!


April Alley Clean-Up

This weekend is the Annual April Alley Clean-Up. Since Bulk Trash pickup for Northwood Hills begins Monday, April 12, this is the perfect opportunity to tend to your alley and dispose of any brush or debris you clear out. Each homeowner is responsible for maintaining the area from their back property line to the center of the alley. That includes trimming bushes so they don’t scrape cars or obstruct the alley. Trees that overhang the alley are required to be trimmed up 15 feet to allow clearance for garbage collection trucks. If trucks have to maneuver to avoid your branches, trash, or other debris, chances are they will cause damage to your alley in the process! Let’s keep it clean. You can start placing items at your curb this Thursday, April 8.



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2021 Annual Report and Meeting

The Northwood Hills Homeowners Association Annual Meeting will take place virtually this year due to COVID-19. The Zoom meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11th at 7pm. The meeting link was emailed to Members through a MemberMail. If you aren’t a Member or don’t receive our MemberMails, please email to have the meeting link sent to you directly. You do not have to be a Member to attend the virtual meeting; all residents are invited! However, we will not be posting the meeting link publicly on our website to safeguard against nefarious meeting attendees. 

The meeting will be condensed this year and will only include quick updates, Board Member election and 2021 Budget approval. Questions and comments will still be welcomed at the conclusion of the business meeting. To make sure you have comprehensive information about NHHA’s activities, please review last year’s minutes and this packet ahead of time. To stay informed about what’s happening locally and on a broader scale, you can also review these updates we have compiled from DPD and our elected representatives. If you can’t log on to the live meeting, and you have questions or comments about anything we’ve shared, feel free to send us an email.
Lastly, you can review the annual report for a recap of 2020 and a snapshot of what we hope to achieve in 2021.
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Holiday Decorations around Northwood Hills

Let us know if you’ve decorated your house or if you’ve seen some festive holiday decorations we should know about. Email to be included on the list. If you’re interested in viewing holiday decorations inside Northwood Hills, here are some addresses/blocks who are participating:

Area 1:

7626 and 7633 Dentcrest

7616, 7634, 7717, and 7720 Village Trail

Corner of Village Trail & Birchridge

7623 and 7724 Meadowhaven

7300 – 7700 block of Cliffbrook (lots!)

14508 Overview Dr

14414 and 14415 Overview Circle

14430 Edgecrest

7618 Larchview

Maplecrest block and cul-de-sac

7560 Stonecrest


Area 2:

14121 Brookridge Circle

6941 and 7009 Cliffbrook

6940, 7111, 7131, and 7140 Midcrest Dr

6950, 7131, and 7222 Mossvine Dr

7031, 7032, 7045, 7126, and 7232 Oakbluff

7105 Meadowcreek

Area 3:

6580 Cliffbrook

6827 and 6828 Cliffbrook

6720 Meadowcreek

Meadowcreek & Dartbrook

6800 block of Dartbrook

6711 Glenhurst

Mossvine Place cul de sac

14133 Oakpoint

6523 Spring Valley

Area 4:

Valleybrook Dr

6540 Calais

6206 Crestmere

6707 Dartbrook

Area 5:

Peyton & Meandering Way

13811 Peyton

13817 Peyton

13852 Sprucewood

Sprucewood between Meandering Way & Teakwood

13736 Ashridge

7227 Birchwood

7100 – 7200 blocks of Elmridge

7200 block of Paldao



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