Neighborhood leaders from NHHA, Prestonwood Trail, and Woodbriar had a meeting with Greg Miller, Masterpan, and Council Member Jaynie Schultz in late October. The HOA leaders again reiterated that the majority of our residents are not happy with the latest proposal set forward for Pepper Square and are seeking a redevelopment that includes less height and less density. Miller and Masterplan have made it clear that there’s a minimum amount of height and density necessary in order to justify the cost of redevelopment, especially if including a 2 acre park. We understand the developer has a profit motive, but HOA leaders charged them with reworking their proposal to include shorter towers, which in turn would reduce the number of residential units, in hopes of getting closer to the minimum. Basically, feedback from our residents has shown that we want to see a plan that revitalizes Pepper Square without overcrowding that corner, straining city resources, and drastically changing the landscape of our surrounding area. We are currently waiting on a revised proposal from Miller and Masterplan. Once received, we will share with residents so you can review, provide feedback, and we can discuss next steps. As of now, there is no date set for this rezoning request to go before the City Plan Commission.