One of NHHA’s most popular member benefits, the Annual Shred Event, took place in early June. Over the span of three hours, NHHA Members lost thousands of pounds – pounds of paper and electronics, that is. Thanks to Action Shred, sensitive documents were shredded on-site, usually before the Member even drove away! They also collected old, broken, or unused electronics for recycling. Quite a few members were grateful to clear up closet space previously occupied by outdated computer towers and printers. With NHHA Board Members and volunteers directing traffic and unloading cars, the process for drop-off was quick and easy. Members undoubtedly saved time and money by utilizing this FREE service inside the neighborhood.

NHHA enjoys offering this beneficial service to its members and appreciates those who participated.  It’s FREE for our members, thanks to our generous sponsors. If you are looking for a service provider inside the neighborhood, these sponsors are NWH residents, NHHA members, and have shown to consistently support our wonderful neighborhood:

Make sure your NHHA membership is current so you stay in the know about members-only events like this.