Now in it’s 27th year, the NHHA Independence Day Celebration is a signature event in Northwood Hills. COVID-19 has introduced new challenges this year, but with a little creativity, our neighborhood will still be able to celebrate our Independence safely. Instead of NHHA hosting a parade and festival at Northwood Hills Elementary, our residents will be the hosts and the festivities have the potential to span the entire neighborhood! Homes and yards will be decorated and residents will traverse our streets in golf carts, trucks, Jeeps, and antique and specialty cars, hopefully filled with costumed characters, decorated pets, and festive families.

We’d like to thank our corporate sponsors, who help ensure NHHA is able to organize events like this. We appreciate their support!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Decorate, Decorate, Decorate! Show your patriotism by placing decorations on your house, in your yard, in your trees, in your driveway, etc. Let NHHA know that you’ll be decorating your property so we can include your address on a map that we provide to residents. This is an important aspect, so we ensure participants know to drive by your house. If you or your kids or your pets want to dress up in costume, make sure you’re on the list and that you sit out front on July 4th between 9 and 10:30am so passersby can see you. Want to ensure the most visibility? Get your neighbors to decorate too! The more homes that participate on a street or cul de sac, the more likely people will drive down it.

We know you like showing off your Jeeps and antique cars and other vehicles, so don’t forget to decorate them as well! When you drive through the neighborhood checking out the festive houses, get the heads turning! Don’t be afraid to broadcast patriotic music to let us know you’re coming.

QUICK SUMMARY: No formal parade or festival this year. Because we can’t gather in groups, we have to spread out the fun. Your participation ensures our neighborhood still gets to celebrate, so get in the spirit and get on the list! Let us know by Wednesday, July 1st if you’ll be decorating your property (or yourselves out front!) and we’ll put you on the map that residents refer to when driving around NWH. The map will be made available by July 3rd in a MemberMail and on our website. If you definitely want to see all the fun cars driving through the neighborhood, then make sure you put up some decorations and tell us, so you can secure a spot on the map.
On Saturday, July 4th, between 9 and 10:30am, residents are encouraged to celebrate our Independence by sitting in their decorated yards and enjoying the festive vehicles that pass by, or by hopping in their vehicles and following the map to find decorated homes. To really get the full effect, plan to do both! The celebration lasts for an hour and a half, so you have time to enjoy all aspects.
THE LEGAL STUFF: NHHA is not leading a formal parade or blocking off streets or hosting a festival. As you drive through the neighborhood at your own pace and on your own desired route, you must follow all traffic rules. Please exercise caution and make sure all occupants are secured before moving. If you are watching vehicles pass by from your yard, please do not enter the roadway or distract the drivers. Try not to park on the street between 9 and 10:30am on July 4th so there is ample clearance and visibility. NHHA does not encourage forming groups during any aspect of the celebrations.
Questions or ready to put your house on the list? Email the President.