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2022 Festival – We Need Your Help!

It takes a village to pull off NHHA's signature event - the 29th Annual Independence Day Parade and Celebration on Monday, July 4th. We need tons of volunteers, and if we all pitch in a little, you won't miss out on any of the fun. Any time you are able to spare will be a big help in ensuring the success of the festivities. Please review the opportunities here and sign up for one or more spots! More instructions will be provided to volunteers as we approach the big day.  Thank you to our sponsors! If the need arises, please consider using these service contractors, as they have consistently shown their support for Northwood Hills: The Shamsa Group, Ebby Halliday Realtors Traver Construction Leslie Pulaski, Ebby Halliday Realtors CSB Design The Redpath Team, Allie Beth Allman & Associates Van Wunnik and Marcum, CPAs Hiatus Spa Ready Roofing & Solar

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Emporium Pies is coming to NWH!

We are excited to announce that we've secured an arrangement with Emporium Pies where they will deliver pre-ordered whole pies or individual slices on Saturday, June 18th to the circle drive at Northwood Hills Elementary. Pick-up can happen between 9:30am and 12pm that day. If you have any Father's Day plans that weekend, why not take care of the dessert now? To sweeten the deal, they'll also refund back 15% of your order cost after all orders are placed. Use this link for ordering. You can't change the delivery location or date, as those are locked as part of the deal. You must get your orders in by June 2nd.

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2022 Annual Report and Meeting

The Northwood Hills Homeowners Association Annual Meeting took place on Tuesday, February 15th at Fretz Park Recreation Center (the building next door to Fretz Library). Doors opened at 6:30pm, with the business meeting starting promptly at 7pm. Council Member Jaynie Schultz was on hand to provide updates about our District and answer your questions. A Neighborhood Code Representative was also available to discuss code issues. Details were provided on the Association's activities including Security, Beautification, and Membership Outreach/Benefits. New Board Members were elected and the 2022 Budget was presented for member approval. If you weren't able to attend, please review the annual report for a recap of 2021 and a snapshot of what we hope to accomplish in 2022. You can also view the presentation slides from the meeting here: 2022 Annual Meeting Presentation.   

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Fun Stories from Early NWH Days

Former NHHA Board Member and long-time Dartbrook resident John Joyce sat down with Bill Stanley, an original owner in Northwood Hills Estates. They discussed Bill's life prior to moving to NWH, the early history of our neighborhood and surrounding areas, some noteworthy stories about residents in the 1970s, and the appreciation he has for the neighborhood he has proudly called home for nearly 60 years. We hope you'll enjoy reading! You can find the article here. 

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2021 NHHA Good Neighbor Day Celebration Info

Our Good Neighbor Day Celebration is coming up on Sunday, October 3rd. It's casual, there's free entertainment, it's open to everyone, and it's a great way to catch up with neighbors and celebrate our wonderful neighborhood. Find all the details below and reach out to us if you have additional questions. Invite your family and neighbors to join us!     When: Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 4pm to 6pm   Where: Northwood Hills Elementary School. The entertainment will be on the backside of the school, near the playground. The food trucks will be parked in the parking lot along Meandering Way.   Entertainment: Pat Bywaters, Gateridge resident who entertained neighbors weekly with his "Tiny Porch Concerts" for the better part of the pandemic, has graciously agreed to perform live music for us. He will be joined by a lead guitarist and bass player. We will also provide a bounce house, an inflatable world of sports game, and a rock climb slide for our younger attendees.    Food: Two food trucks are scheduled to attend, Munchies and Frios Popsicles. They will be offering items for purchase, so bring cash or card if you'd like to buy from them. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic or snacks. [...]

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We Need Your Help!

It takes a village to pull off NHHA's signature event - the 28th Annual Independence Day Parade and Celebration on Saturday, July 3rd. We need tons of volunteers, and if we all pitch in a little, you won't miss out on any of the fun. Any time you are able to spare will be a big help in ensuring the success of the festivities. Please review the opportunities here and sign up for one or more spots! More instructions will be provided to volunteers as we approach the big day.  We want to thank the sponsors who underwrite this event and ultimately make it possible! If the need arises, please consider using these service providers, as they have shown their support for Northwood Hills: Spring Valley United Methodist Church The Redpath Team (Allie Beth Allman & Associates) Traver Construction Mitra Shamsa, The Shamsa Group (Ebby Halliday, Realtors) Melinda Spence (Compass Real Estate) Ready Roofing & Renovation Van Wunnik and Marcum, LLC Sunnyland Outdoor Living

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2021 Annual Report and Meeting

The Northwood Hills Homeowners Association Annual Meeting will take place virtually this year due to COVID-19. The Zoom meeting will be held on Thursday, February 11th at 7pm. The meeting link was emailed to Members through a MemberMail. If you aren't a Member or don't receive our MemberMails, please email to have the meeting link sent to you directly. You do not have to be a Member to attend the virtual meeting; all residents are invited! However, we will not be posting the meeting link publicly on our website to safeguard against nefarious meeting attendees.  The meeting will be condensed this year and will only include quick updates, Board Member election and 2021 Budget approval. Questions and comments will still be welcomed at the conclusion of the business meeting. To make sure you have comprehensive information about NHHA's activities, please review last year's minutes and this packet ahead of time. To stay informed about what's happening locally and on a broader scale, you can also review these updates we have compiled from DPD and our elected representatives. If you can’t log on to the live meeting, and you have questions or comments about anything we've shared, feel free to send us [...]

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Holiday Decorations around Northwood Hills

Let us know if you've decorated your house or if you've seen some festive holiday decorations we should know about. Email to be included on the list. If you're interested in viewing holiday decorations inside Northwood Hills, here are some addresses/blocks who are participating: Area 1: 7626 and 7633 Dentcrest 7616, 7634, 7717, and 7720 Village Trail Corner of Village Trail & Birchridge 7623 and 7724 Meadowhaven 7300 - 7700 block of Cliffbrook (lots!) 14508 Overview Dr 14414 and 14415 Overview Circle 14430 Edgecrest 7618 Larchview Maplecrest block and cul-de-sac 7560 Stonecrest   Area 2: 14121 Brookridge Circle 6941 and 7009 Cliffbrook 6940, 7111, 7131, and 7140 Midcrest Dr 6950, 7131, and 7222 Mossvine Dr 7031, 7032, 7045, 7126, and 7232 Oakbluff 7105 Meadowcreek Area 3: 6580 Cliffbrook 6827 and 6828 Cliffbrook 6720 Meadowcreek Meadowcreek & Dartbrook 6800 block of Dartbrook 6711 Glenhurst Mossvine Place cul de sac 14133 Oakpoint 6523 Spring Valley Area 4: Valleybrook Dr 6540 Calais 6206 Crestmere 6707 Dartbrook Area 5: Peyton & Meandering Way 13811 Peyton 13817 Peyton 13852 Sprucewood Sprucewood between Meandering Way & Teakwood 13736 Ashridge 7227 Birchwood 7100 - 7200 blocks of Elmridge 7200 block of Paldao    

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NHHA Feedback Surveys for Members and Non-Members

The NHHA Board of Directors is interested in your feedback about our current programs, processes, and potential future improvements. We conducted a survey to help guide us in upcoming planning to lay the groundwork for an even better Northwood Hills neighborhood.   The survey focused on our existing NHHA programs and your satisfaction.    The 5-10 minute survey included: 1)    A description of a current program offering, with examples of activities performed in that area. The list of examples will not be exhaustive, but will serve as a basis for forming an opinion. More details about our programs can be found on our website (, in prior Annual Reports, and in newsletters. 2)    A request for your opinion about our performance in each existing program. 3)    A request for your suggestions on what we should do differently or other services we should offer in each program. 4)   An opportunity to rank our benefits in order of importance. 5)    A free response section for you to provide general feedback regarding an area we didn’t ask about, or to make a suggestion for a program or activity we should offer.   The survey is now closed.   We really appreciate the time and effort of those [...]

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National Good Neighbor Day 2020

For the past few years, NHHA has celebrated National Good Neighbor Day in various ways in late September. We have recognized residents who exemplified what it means to be a Good Neighbor; we hosted block parties to celebrate the sense of community we enjoy in our neighborhood; we supported our local Dallas Fire & Rescue First Responders; we donated toys to Medical City Children's Hospital and we hosted a blood drive.   This year, the NHHA Board wants to focus on supporting healthcare workers, who are facing unprecedented demands and risk in the midst of the global pandemic. One local healthcare facility which has been hit especially hard since March is Parkland Hospital. They admitted their first COVID-19 patient on March 11 and opened the Tactical Care Unit (TCU) two weeks later. At the height of their patient load, they had converted five different wards to be COVID-specific. Medical professionals worked 12 hour shift after 12 hour shift, sometimes up to 6 shifts a week. Often they lived apart from immediate family and avoided spending time with other loved ones, out of caution. Thankfully, Parkland was recently able to close the TCU and start caring for patients in individual rooms. [...]

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