The NHHA Patrol is staffed by employees of GardaWorld Security driving a marked vehicle. We’ve anticipated several questions regarding our Patrol:

Is this a 24×7 Patrol?

No – our budget doesn’t allow that. However, our Patrol operates 7 days a week, for approximately 450 hours per month, and covers the entire Northwood Hills area.

What services does NHHA Security provide?

This is not an exhaustive list, but should give you an idea of the routine things they do:

  1. watching our kids as they arrive/leave from the elementary school (way too many speeders at 8am/3pm!);
  2. investigating suspicious people (they’re not always nice solicitors – sometimes they’re looking for someone to rob);
  3. checking for open garage doors or gates (60% of residential burglaries are via our garage doors);
  4. watching for certain code violations (non-maintained swimming pools which can be a mosquito breeding ground);
  5. assisting motorists (not only by blocking traffic as needed, but they can even provide jumpstarts);
  6. vacation checks (try to give them a few days notice – they’ll want to know who should be there, if anyone, while you’re away);
  7. lost dogs (they do a lot of reuniting);
  8. assist with lost+found (we’ve had everything from wallets to baseball gear);
  9. monitor a police scanner for activity in or around Northwood Hills

I’ve misplaced the patrol number!

The patrol officer carries a cellphone; the number is provided to all dues-paying NHHA members (it’s printed on the “NHHA Member” business card you received when you paid your dues).

If you absolutely, positively can’t find it, call your Board representative or our president and we’ll verify your membership and give you the number. Save it in your contacts!

Did you know that you get EXTRA PATROL BENEFITS as a member of NHHA?

  • When you are out of town, the officer on duty can inspect the exterior of your property every day you are gone, if you request it. Please call the Patrol a few days before your departure and an officer will come by your home and review your Out Of Town Home Check form with you. Or, you are welcome to email the form to patrol.
  • If you are coming home late at night and feel anxious, call the Patrol and the officer will meet you at your home to make certain you get inside safely.
  • If you have a baby sitter or house sitter, leave instructions for them in an emergency to:

The patrol officers are provided a list of current NHHA members. Please note: the officers will respond to all calls for assistance, regardless of membership status (but non-members should expect a knock on your door from our membership folks soon thereafter).

In emergencies, why call 911 first & then the Patrol Number?

If the Patrol is not on duty, you are covered by the 911 call to the Dallas Police. When the NHHA Patrol is ON DUTY, their response time is often under 2 minutes since they’re already in the neighborhood. This compares with a 60 minute average* for priority 3 calls (includes burglar alarm).
(source: Dallas Police Chief David Brown, December 2015)