Things you can do to make your property safer and avoid becoming a victim:

  • Going for a trip?
    • notify the NHHA Security Patrol and ask for an out-of-town home check (NHHA members only)
    • ask a neighbor to fetch your mail and newspaper.
  • Come and go at different times and routes. If you have to keep a strict schedule, look around to see if someone is watching your movements.
  • Get to know your neighbors and learn their contact information.
  • Call 911, without hesitation, about anybody who makes you the least bit suspicious. That includes peddlers, contractors, salespeople, and vendors. Use the magic words: “SUSPICIOUS PERSON”
  • Put padlocks on your fence gates. Lock your cars, doors, and windows. Close your garage door.
  • Consider an alarm system and surveillance cameras.
  • Photograph/catalog all jewelry, sterling and other valuables.
  • Note the serial number of all electronic equipment.
  • Don’t put expensive presents under the Christmas tree, visible from the street, and make sure to break down boxes from items purchased so would-burglars don’t know what you’ve got inside.
  • Put lights on timers and make sure your exterior lights aren’t burned out or turned off.
  • Have a hiding place in the house (not the closet or bedroom) for your jewelry and excess cash (a safety deposit box is better).
  • Understand that most thieves will go directly to your master bedroom and closet in search of guns; jewelry; cash; and small items that can be easily carried/pawned.

Send information to NHHA

If you experience or hear of a crime in our neighborhood, please call us (we will alert the neighborhood by e-mail, if necessary).