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NHHA Security

Please REPORT ALL CRIMES (“call 9-1-1”) – crime data is collected by The City of Dallas and we’ll get our fair share of patrol officers. If you don’t report crime, it’s just like telling the City to send the officers to another part of town!

Did you get a security sign? NHHA has created custom yard security signs announcing that Northwood Hills is patrolled by armed security and monitored by video surveillance. The crisp, eye-catching design and clear message make it a meaningful addition to the multi-faceted approach each homeowner needs to be taking in their security endeavors. Want to get one for your yard? If you’re not a current member, join NHHA or renew your membership today. Members can email Membership to request their sign.

The number for the security patrol is private and available to members only. Members receive the number each year in their renewal packet. The number has changed as of 10/2/17 and members received notice by letter and email. We encourage you to program it into your smartphone or post it near your home phone. If you are a Member who has misplaced the security patrol number, please email Membership.

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