Want to see what's happening in Northwood Hills? The Northwood Hills Breeze gets published and mailed to residents about four times per year with tons of helpful information including details about new regulations or initiatives from the city, helpful tips related to the particular season we're in, a community calendar, a real estate report, contact information for Board members, a bulk trash collection schedule, and much more! Local businesses advertise in it as well, which helps to underwrite the cost of the publication and showcases service providers who cater to Northwood Hills. Check out our most recent newsletter here. To find out about some of our recent projects and to learn more about our membership benefits, see below.

Join NHHA for 2017 Sign Up! today!
Updated January 16, 2017

A big "thank you" to the members who have already joined or renewed in 2017. The more members we have, the more we can do for the neighborhood. NHHA dues are $300 for the calendar year – for LESS THAN $1 A DAY:

  • MEMBERS have access to the private security patrol which is on duty seven days a week.
  • MEMBERS can call the patrol to report suspicious persons or cars, unwanted solicitors, or an incident at their home.
  • MEMBERS can arrange for the patrol's Out-of-Town Home Check service when they travel.
  • MEMBERS can have the patrol's phone number added to their home security company's contact/call list in case of an incident at their home.
  • MEMBERS will receive Security Snapshot -- an update of security/crime incidents in Northwood Hills, and urgent crime alerts as needed
  • MEMBERS receive MemberMail, NHHA's email communications that provide current information about lost pets, neighborhood issues, code compliance and city services
  • MEMBERS enjoy special access to Members only activities like the Annual Shred Event and Good Neighbor Day
As a new MEMBER, NHHA will provide you four ways to improve security and safety at your home:
  • A reflective alley address sign for the back fence or gate
  • A "No Solicitors" plaque to mount near the doorbell
  • A custom-painted, highly visible curb address
  • Two decals to display on the mailbox, garage door or other location, communicating that your residence is patrolled by armed security
Your membership dues are also an investment in your neighborhood. NHHA contributes to the prestige and beauty of Northwood Hills by maintaining the markers, trees, and plantings on our gateway medians. We install new flowers and plants each year, sponsor alley clean-ups, and help residents with tips and resources to battle bugs. We also put out helpful signs ahead of each bulk trash pick-up to encourage compliance with the city's regulations. Membership in NHHA benefits us all.

Pay by check to PO Box 800874, Dallas, TX, 75380-0874 OR just click the Pay Dues button on this page to access our secure and convenient online payment site. It is FREE, takes less than one minute to make your payment, and you'll receive a confirmation email.

If you are a NEW member or your contact info has changed, also click and fill out the Membership Form.

DFD Patch

National Good Neighbor Day: First Responder Edition
Updated November 16, 2016

For the past couple of years, Northwood Hills has recognized residents who were nominated for exemplifying what it means to be a Good Neighbor. We celebrated the kind and thoughtful people around us and expressed our gratitude for the sense of community we enjoy in our neighborhood. This year, NHHA decided to acknowledge our Dallas Fire & Rescue first responders, who are close by and ready 24/7 to help with a fire or medical emergency situation at our homes. These firefighters and EMS personnel are our Good Neighbors every day, even when we don't need them. When we do, they are invaluable.

Did you know 2 fire stations serve Northwood Hills? While Station 56 at Fretz Park is responsible for maintaining hydrants and answering calls north of Spring Valley and Station 22 near Coit & Churchill Way handles hydrants and calls south of Spring Valley, they often back each other up on severe incidents.

Did you know firefighters work 24-hour shifts? They eat, sleep, and stay at their firehouses while they await their next call to duty. For part of the week, the station is their "home" and their work needs are different from other professions.

How Did We Show Our Appreciation? NHHA reached out to Station 56 and Station 22 to determine their needs. We wanted to make their work environment more comfortable, because this is their "home away from home." We accepted goods, money, and gift card donations from generous residents. The response was wonderful and our local fire stations were humbled. Check out our latest newsletter for the results.

NHHA is proud to recognize our first responders for being Good Neighbors and we appreciate your support in this endeavor!

Support Sign

Northwood Hills Supports Our Dallas Police Officers
Posted September 18, 2016

After the tragic events on July 7th in Downtown that resulted in the deaths of five officers and injuries to numerous others, many residents reached out to us for guidance on how to show support for our first responders. We provided resources for filling immediate needs at that time and began working on long-term initiatives for when the inevitable decline in public support would occur throughout the city.

With that in mind, we're pleased to share the results of the first project we worked on - a custom yard sign for Northwood Hills residents who want to publicly display their support for Dallas police officers year-round. The corrugated plastic sign (shown above) is 1-sided, 18" x 24" in size, and included a yard stake.

In conjunction with a sponsorship by All Saints Catholic School, Northwood Hills Homeowners Association was able to offer one yard sign to each member household FREE of charge.

If you are a member and forgot to reserve your sign, we may be able to accommodate you if a future order is placed. Email for more information.

All Saints
NHHA would like to thank our generous sponsor All Saints Catholic School for underwriting a portion of the cost of the signs. All Saints Catholic School provides a faith-filled environment for students in PreK-3 through 8th grade, so that they can grow into the people God created them to be. Students are encouraged to participate fully in their own education and are given many opportunities to explore and develop their unique talents and gifts. All Saints Catholic School students benefit from a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence education, coupled with a warm and inviting atmosphere that molds students who are ready to lead, serve, and inspire others. Please visit their website for more information!

Security Sign

Did You Get A Security Sign?
Posted July 28, 2016

NHHA is excited to introduce a brand new benefit for its members this year. The sign above proudly announces that Northwood Hills is patrolled by armed security and monitored by video surveillance. The crisp, eye-catching design and clear message on the sign make it a meaningful addition to the multi-faceted approach that each homeowner needs to be taking in their security endeavors. Want to get one for your yard? If you're not a current member, join NHHA or renew your membership today. Members need to then fill out the Know Your Neighbors grid. Meet your neighbors for the first time or confirm their contact information and we'll be happy to reward your efforts with a yard sign. After completing at least 4 houses other than your own, email to let us know and we'll deliver a sign to your address.

The Dallas Police Department believes engaged neighbors are a great deterrent to crime because an extra set of eyes keeping watch on your property means suspicious activity can be reported before it turns into a criminal offense. Call 911 to keep your neighbors safe, and they'll do the same for you!

We encourage all residents to complete the grid, but we can only offer the sign incentive for current members. Why not join NHHA to start enjoying the myriad benefits that come along with membership?

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