Let's Battle the Bugs!
Posted May 29, 2016

Northwood Hills' varied terrain, natural water sources and lush vegetation make it a prime mosquito breeding ground. As part of NHHA's mosquite awareness program, we are providing a Mosquito Dunk to every home in Northwood Hills as a reminder to increase your mosquito control efforts this summer. Be on the lookout for the package on your porch, which will also include helpful tips and a coupon from our neighborhood hardware store, Ace Hardware.

You can protect yourself and your family this summer with the four Ds:

DEET: Use insect repellants that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. There are many organic products now on the market that are safe for young children and babies.

DRESS: Wear long, loose, light-colored clothing outside.

DRAIN: Remove any standing water. Change water in birdbaths, fountains and plant saucers several times a week. Clean gutters so leaves can't hold moisture.

DUSK & DAWN: Consider staying indoors during dusk and dawn hours when mosquitoes are most active.

The Northwood Hills Homeowners Association truly cares about our neighborhood and is constantly working on ways to preserve and enhance our property values, quality of life, and security. These efforts are made possible through member dues. If you're not a member yet, you should be!

Bulk Trash Schedule Reminder
Posted March 14, 2016

Bulk trash pickup for Northwood Hills begins on the second Monday of each month. Residents are allowed to place bulk trash on their curbs beginning the Thursday prior. Trash must be set out by 7am on the Monday of collection week.

Placing your bulk trash on the curb outside of the allowable time frame may result in a fine. The City's new mobile app allows anyone to file a 311 report, so don't risk it! Watch for NHHA's reminder signs and clip the collection calendar from the back cover of any Breeze newsletter for quick reference.

During the spring months, the amount of bulk trash increases, and it takes the City crews longer to collect it. They have until Saturday of our collection week to get around to everyone. It may be later in the week before they get to you, so sit tight. If your trash is not collected by the next Saturday evening, make a 311 report.

Click here to visit the City's website to sign up for monthly reminders or to generate a printable calendar.

Join NHHA for 2016 Sign Up! today!
Updated April 5, 2016

A big "thank you" to the many folks who have already renewed their membership or joined NHHA for 2016. If you haven't, join us now!

NHHA dues are $300 for the calendar year – for LESS THAN $1 A DAY:

  • MEMBERS have access to the private security patrol which is on duty seven days a week.
  • MEMBERS can call the patrol to report suspicious persons or cars, unwanted solicitors, or an incident at their home.
  • MEMBERS can arrange for the patrol's Out-of-Town Home Check service when they travel.
  • MEMBERS can have the patrol's phone number added to their home security company's contact/call list in case of an incident at their home.
  • MEMBERS will receive Security Snapshot -- an update of security/crime incidents in Northwood Hills, and urgent crime alerts as needed
  • MEMBERS receive MemberMail, NHHA's email communications that provide current information about lost pets, neighborhood issues, code compliance and city services
  • MEMBERS enjoy special access to Members only activities like the Annual Shred Event and Good Neighbor Day
As a new MEMBER, NHHA will provide you four ways to improve security and safety at your home:
  • A reflective alley address sign for the back fence or gate
  • A "No Solicitors" plaque to mount near the doorbell
  • A custom-painted, highly visible curb address
  • Two decals to display on the mailbox, garage door or other location, communicating that your residence is patrolled by armed security
Your membership dues are also an investment in your neighborhood. NHHA contributes to the prestige and beauty of Northwood Hills by maintaining the markers, trees, and plantings on our gateway medians. We install new flowers and plants each year, sponsor alley clean-ups, and help residents with tips and resources to battle bugs. We also put out helpful signs ahead of each bulk trash pick-up to encourage compliance with the city's regulations. Membership in NHHA benefits us all.

Pay by check to PO Box 800874, Dallas, TX, 75380-0874 OR just click the Pay Dues button on this page to access our secure and convenient online payment site. It is FREE, takes less than one minute to make your payment, and you'll receive a confirmation email.

If you are a NEW member or your contact info has changed, also click and fill out the Membership Form.

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